Looking for a reliable metal detector? A machine which meets all of your requirements at an affordable price then you has come to the right place. Different metal detectors have different dominant features like design, size, functionality, material quality, battery, weight etc.  Probably lightweight averaged sized metal detector with multiple functionalities along with a powerful battery is the Top rated metal detector, which can meet all the needs of a treasure hunter. Keep these things in your mind if you are a beginner in treasure hunting otherwise, you might end at wasting your money. click here to view deal on amazon

top rated metal detector

These two are the key assets of the best metal detector.

Ease of Use

When I said suitable it means it is suitable in every aspect for a beginner. A suitable metal detector is easy to use and more efficient. Normally, if you are the beginner at treasure hunting you might get confused while choosing a suitable metal detector.

A number of machines are available in the market but you have to choose the right one. Whenever you are going to buy a metal detector keep these things in your mind. Suitable design, medium size, and Lightweight make a metal detector easy to use.


Advanced Multiple Functionalities

Whether you are new or an expert you should always go for an advanced machine while you are new to treasure hunting. When I said advanced it means a device of the 21st century. Which mean more choices and low complexities. Multiple Functionalities makes it more efficient and easy to handle while treasure hunting. So you should always go for the latest machine like The Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector. Multiple functionalities include multiple mode features which can convert from sniff mode to all metal modes. A multifunctional LCD where you can view and use the features. A touchpad to select the feature you want to use. Moreover, multiple discrimination, coil, depth detecting, pulse induction and many more features shall be kept in mind while buying an advanced metal detector. This is also best for the coins

Here is the list of top rated metal detectors

ProductsCustomer RatingExpert RatingPrice
XP Deus10/105/5 Check Price
Garrett AT Pro10/105/5 Check Price
Fisher F75 SE LTD9/104.5/5 Check Price
Garrett Ace 400 9/104/5 Check Price
Garrett ATX8/104/5 Check Price

In the list of top rated metal detectors, XP Deus is at the top of the list. Deus is the latin word that means GOD. What a Perfect name for the best Product. It’s search Parementers are excellent and it’s no 1 choice of all treasure hunters.

I hope after reading this it is not difficult for you to understand which metal detector is best for treasure hunting. Simply above-mentioned essentials were the two key elements of the best metal detector.  So whenever are going to buy a metal detector. You should go for a user-friendly metal detector along with advanced multiple functionalities at an affordable rate like The Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector.

  1. XP DEUS: Top Rated Metal Detector

The Biggest Contribution of the XP in metal detectors is the invention of DEUS, the first wireless metal detector, and the first fully telescopic S-shaped stem. One single device with the pack of features, Speed, Power, Lightness, Precision, and compactness in one metal detector.

DUES is the biggest breakthrough in the metal detectors market. The technological innovation in the making of the design was superb. It’s Structure based on three elements.

A Coil, a remote control and unique audio headphones, how can communicate with other devices via the digital radio link. The wireless search coil contains the special components for detecting the signals, It’s used the ultraminiature digital circuit to digitized and analyzed directly at the source and improves the quality of signals acquisition. This circuit is directly integrated with detection head and after the process the information it’s sends to the headphones and remote control in real time via the radio link.

Important Features:

  • Wireless
  • Weatherproof
  • Built in operational controls
  • Foldable and ergonomic
  • Indicates the battery level
  • Coil Change
  • Target ID