What is best metal detector?

The serious treasure hunter just not looks for a good metal detector. They look for the best metal detector who a large range of features and qualities and this is the key requirement of a treasure hunter. If you were to look at some of the best brands among metal detectors, then Fisher f4 metal detector is best for you. Fisher F4 metal detector is known that one of the most effective metal detectors on the market. This detector is to help you be successful in finding more treasure. It has all the features for a newcomer to treasure hunting is looking for like target ID, manual ground balancing, accuracy and much more. black friday deals

Why is Fisher F-4 Metal Detector?

Fisher F4 Metal Detector

Fisher F4 metal detector is known for his wide range of features and this is the reason why this metal detector is the most effective metal detector in the market. This detector is really helpful to find more treasure.

If you want to find a real pirate treasure like gold coins or the jewelry. Fisher F4 has all the features that you want in the good metal detector. The Fisher F4 metal detector is like your good friend. It has 4-tone audio, 11-categories of display target ID, we always had a pretty good idea of what we dug up, and F4 supplements these features with a numeric target ID readout. This gives you an accurate reading rate on a scale from zero to 99. The numerical ID tends to be more useful, but it can feel a bit opaque for new users. That both Fisher F4 teach you what numeric values mean and grow with you as you become more comfortable in the hobby.

Powerful Features Of F-4 Metal Detector

Fisher is definitely an upgrade from the F2 and F4 function is stronger, and there are some of them that will help eliminate worthlessly and will help you find more and more hidden treasure faster. This device has other great features as well, including custom notching to complement their options discrimination mode positioning one lead exactly where to dig, and surprisingly accurate and reliable depth indicator. If you have never had to balance the ground, using his free twisting ground balance knob will take some practice, but once you learn how to do it, enroll in highly mineralized soils, without affecting your depth.


F4 adjustable axle locks firmly in place and no wobble at all, although a little rough machine. It may extend out far enough to accommodate taller users with ease. The only significant drawback to the design is the armrest padding that was too hard and has a raised edge that had unnerved weapons during the test. Of course, if you buy and F4 have the same problem, replace the foam is relatively easy.

Features of The Fisher Metal Detector

  • Detailed Readout 0-99
  • Search Coil’’
  • Recommended Beach Hunting, Hunting for relics & Coin Shooting
  • Control your selection to Ignore trash
  • Search Coil-11-inch bi-axial
  • Autotune with manual ground balance
  • Visual Target ID to differentiate treasure from trash
  • Pinpointer with Numeric Depth Readout
  • All-Metals and Discrimination mode; 2.6 Pound in weighing

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