Best Metal Detector Underwater

Are you ready to buy the best underwater metal detector?

Before We start the discussion I want to briefly explain the technology that used in best Underwater Metal Detectors. Usually, underwater metal detectors are considered in pro category so if you are the newbie you need to take entry-level metal detector and used in different terrain.

The underwater metal detector used two types of technologies:

VLF Very Low-Frequency Metal detectors:

These metal detectors operate on 3 kHz to 30 kHz frequency and they are capable to detect various types of metal. These Devices are capable to adjust the sensitivity level and it can recognize the good from bad.

Pulse Induction Underwater Metal Detectors:

This technology makes metal detector more efficient and more perfect for the beaches and diving. Pulse Induction is based on Transmitting electronic pulses, that’s why it’s sensitivity is very high and it’s good for coins, jewelry, and relics.

Top 5 Best Underwater Metal Detectors

Minelab Excalibur II 1000 Underwater metal detector

Minelab Excalibur II 1000 Underwater metal detectorI think we need to start with the best one and there is no doubt about that Minelab Excalibur 2 1000 is the best in the underwater metal detector category. It’s expensive but it’s the right choice for the underwater.
This metal detector is not only best for the beach it’s good for land and wet condition. It can easily be used in the 200ft depth. This is slim, lightweight and its coil look is stylish. Its signal strength is high and it will never receive a false alarm when detecting in salt water
The technology used in the coil is RCB (Receive Coil Boost) which means it’s amplified the signals.

Garrett Sea Hunter MK-II

Garrett Sea Hunter MK-IIAs we know, Garrett is the name of quality metal detectors and I think it’s fair if we talk about the underwater metal detector and not discuss the Garrett Sea Hunter MK-II. This metal detector is very smart one because it’s long stem configuration.
Its design is very simple and it allows four different configurations.

Long: Hip attachment of the ScubaMate box
Long: Mate attached at the top
Long: ScubaMate attached to the cuff
Short: Configuration for diving

Headphones are also included with this device and its handy addition in this metal detector. If you buy this metal detector you will enjoy the real pleasure of metal detecting.

Garrett Infinium LS

The Garrett Infinium is one of the best metal detectors for the money and this is for both land and subaqueous digging. This machine is very good if you at beginning level as other waterproof metal detectors are not best for the beginners. It’s result and accuracy is 100% if you talk about on ground performance it Best and if you talk about the undersea performance it’s more than Best.
Its depth range is more than 200ft and coasts a 0″*14″ DD fully submersible search coil. This metal detector also contains instructional DVD video, which I think very good step to explain all features and the working of the metal detector.
This metal detector uses PI technology so it can easily determine the difference between good and the bad signal of metal.

Fisher 1280-X aquanaut

Fisher Metal detector comes with 3 awesome automatic settings for land, salt, and fresh water. Fisher 1280 is perfect for the hunters who what hunting on both ground and water.
Its depth range is 250ft and has a battery life of 75 hours and I think it’s enough. Discrimination level of this product is very high and it can easily differentiate between actual metal and trash. This metal detector comes with waterproof headphones.
This metal detector is considered below $1000 and in the list of the top-rated underwater metal detector, you should need to consider this one. You will enjoy the effortless experience if you go with this metal detector.

Tesoro Tiger Shark

The Tesoro Tiger Shark, Best for the land and perfect for the water. It’s used microprocessor technology. This is very good for the gold, coins and relic hunting. This is the most versatile device and if I define this device in one word, its brilliant.

You can use this device up to the 200ft depth and it has 4 control setting, which means you can easily adjust and use in all types of condition. Its price is not too high you can buy this wonderful device in the range of 500$ to 700$.

The design of this device is perfect, the newbie can use this device easily. Very few devices have the capability to detect the gold and this is the one of them that can find the gold under the water.

In the complete package, It has battery, headphones and removable pole. Tiger Shark is a cat like fish that can grab all the things that you looking for.

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