Looking for best mid range metal detector?

Then stick with this detailed article which will help you pick the top mid range metal detector 2017.

Don’t worry about that we use our complete experience about metal detector and select best mid ranged metal detectors for you. Our Top Pick is Garrett ACE 250 it is best because of his features and his features makes 2nd best metal detector in the market.

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Best Mid ranged metal detector

Garrett ACE 250 Top PickFrequency is 7.2 KHz, adjustable length, Easy Affordable.

Garrett has provided a lot of famous metal detector and Garrett ACE 250 is one of them. It has several new features and it’s perfectly designed for mid range.


Here is the list of best mid ranged metal detectors 2017

Metal Detector Display Rank Price
Garrett ACE 250 ACE 250 Display 5/5
Fisher F22 Fisher F22 Display 4.5/5
Garrett ACE 300 ACE 300 display 5/5
Winbest Pro Edition Winbest Pro Display 4/5


In the above table, all the metal detectors are best if you select any of them I will guaranty you will enjoy and feel the best experience of treasure hunting.

There are many metal detectors in the market and all of them had different specifications with different prices but in our list, we try to select all those metal detectors who has best features with the best price.

Here is some brief discerption of all metal detectors.

Garrett ACE 250

It is the best edition in the market from Garrett. It has everything that you need.

Its design is similar to Garrett ace 150 but it has some advanced features.

  • Affordable and easy to use
  • 9-inch elliptical coil
  • 5 search modes
  • Pinpoint Button
  • Adjustable length and weight is 2.7lbs

Its design is pretty similar to Garrett 150 but it has 3 new buttons on display screen so it has total 6 buttons on the screen. It has Sensitivity control, Discrimination button to avoid unwanted metal and pinpoint search to target the exact location. This metal detector is the best for the money.

Fisher F22

Fisher F22 best mid range metal detectorFisher F22 is the big brother of the popular Fisher F2. It has all the features of F2 and also it has some new features.

  • Smaller, lighter and easy to use
  • 4 different search modes
  • Pinpoint target segment
  • Volume adjustment

Fisher F2 is usable in all conditions its weatherproof and you can use in the rain and enjoy the best experience of hunting.

Fisher F2 has pinpoint search mode, nice LCD display and very good in the trashy areas.

One thing is missing in this detector, it has no ground balance.


Garrett ACE 300

Garrett ACE 300 mid range metal detectorGarrett ACE 300 has a great repute in the metal detectors market. This is the complete package of features. It’s affordable, reliable and user-friendly.

  • High Frequency
  • 5 search modes
  • Economical
  • 4 iron discrimination segment
  • Adjustable length

In the list of best metal detectors, this metal detector may be in the top of the list. It’s cheap and it has all features that you looking for in mid-ranged metal detector.

If we compare its features with Garrett ACE 250 and fisher 22 there is no doubt about that Garrett ACE 300 is the best metal detector. The best think about this metal detector is it’s in your budget.

Winbest Pro Edition

Winbest pro edition is the very much affordable machine and the best think about this machine is it’s accessible for all. Even if your budget is very low you can buy this product. This is the best option for the beginners 

  • Discrimination Modes
  • Auto ground balance
  • Low battery detector
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Volume control

In the list of mid ranged metal detector, this is the very good addition. It comes with very good sleek and lightweight design. Braska offers free technical support. It’s best mid-priced metal detector.

It has one con some customers complain about the durability of the metal detector.

Bounty hunter metal detectors are also big name in the mid-range metal detector

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