Are you searching for best metal detectors under $200 or lower than it? I’ve chosen the best cheap detectors for you whether you are looking it for general use or professional use. These detectors are best in performance and quality. You’ll find many detectors on the cheapest rate for professional or general use but it ‘ll not be astonished you because there’re also scrap for deal.

best metal detector under 200

Anyone wants qualities in the machine like pinpointing, lightly weighted and waterproof search coil detectors on low price. Here we have listed best detectors on low price for hunting.


Here is the list of the best metal detector under 200$


Garett Ace 200 is one of the best detectors in jewelry hunting or monument hunting you can begin detecting relics in your courtyard, front yard or anywhere else where you want to detect has 42″-51″ length,6.5 kHz, and water resistant. it is highly recommended for hunting, dry beach and freshwater hunting and recommended for jewelry hunting, relic hunting and competition events. The best thing about this detector is it’s best in the list of best metal detector under 200$

key features of Ace 200
  • Digital target id: 0-99
  • Light weighted, best in performance at a cheap price
  • Three searches modes
  • Camlocks
  • Indicators of low battery, sensitivity, and coin depth
  • More responsive audio tones
  • 4 sensitivity adjustment
  • 4AA batteries
  • Weak inequity
  • No protection from interference
  • The weak frequency for coins and jewelry
  • Mono coil
  • Not waterproof case
  • No Ground Balance option

Despite all this Ace is the best one for all level Hunters because it has all the features that they want in a detecting gadget. All Hunters will definitely enjoy this at any level after using this they’ll definitely find it difficult to stop using it.

Fisher F11

F11 is best not only for entry level but also helpful for trained hunters. It is also one the best detector that’s why we cannot ignore this detector. This detector is also suitable for even children.

The Fisher F11 has a fully waterproof search coil and shaft, but the display isn’t waterproof. You can use it in low water, as long as the display doesn’t get wet, you can get a protective cover for it.

It has also three searches modes of the coin, Relics, and jewelry like Garrett Ace 200.It has Target ID, pinpoints and 3  operation modes and low in weight.

By using it you can find big items at a depth of 1 meter and smallest coins at 25cm.

There is one thing which i don’t like is its 7-inch coil but i would prefer to choose it if the coil were larger.


TK4 is also one of the best detectors for initial level, available on affordable will find it best for its features which you often find inexpensive detectors. Now you can hunt coins, gold, silver and much more than this through it.

You can use it also for your outdoor activity with family and by using it you can fulfill your dreams of disclosing the many hidden valuable things.It detects all kind of metal. You will find another amazing feature in it that is its automatic  Ground-Trac®.

  • Light weighted
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Low battery indicator
  • Internal speaker
  • 3 position mode switch
  • Sensitivity control
  • Automatic ground balance
  • Large target strength meter
  • Follow the motion of all metals
  • Easy to control
  • 2 tone audio discrimination

Due to its incredible features, you’ll definitely enjoy it and find difficult to leave it.


Minelab go-find 40 is another suitable detector for entry level hunters.It is easy to use and manual with easy instructions.You can use it and it will perform well both in sandy and clay soil. This machine can use anyone who even isn’t train in it.

  • Power switch On/Off
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Automatic ground balance
  • 3 tone identification
  • Volume control
  • Screen backlight
  • Bluetooth On/Off – for wireless connection with your smartphone.

It has a demerit that it has no changing frequency and weatherproof like others.


This detector is a good example of having everything important into one detecting machine. It is known for its low price, lightweight and elimination of false signals of metals that of-course saves your time. Its pinpoint quality informs about the exact location of hidden things.

  • Pinpointer
  • light-weighted
  • Visual target system
  • Preset ground balance
  • Modes of operation
  • Low battery indicator
  • Audio feedback
  • Depth detection


Whites XVenture

It is also the best metal detector which is under $200.It has all the features which a hunter wants. Its best for use in all kinds of fields even on the beach.

It has a Pinpoint and coins, jewelry mode. The XVenture has a sparkle control box and also easy to use that makes it very convenient for untrained hunters and children like F11.

It has a waterproof search coil, coin, and jewelry and pinpoints mode, an LED display that flash.

This is an amazing detector which you’ll find at the lower price but the features like expensive detectors.

On the whole, these detectors are available on low rate with best qualities of detecting if you are on entry level or have low budget. Now you can choose anyone from it for your use either you are purchasing detector for fun or for professional use. You will find many same qualities inexpensive machines but now you enjoying these features for $200.