Metal Detector Boss help peoples to choose best metal detector. The most common question we get asked here is “Which is the best metal detector for money” or “Which the cheapest metal detector is”. In this article, we try to help all those treasure hunters to select best metal detector for the money.

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Whenever you want to purchase anything, every time finds themselves stuck at finding the “best purchase”.  Most of the people try to spend less for more usually this is not good, always spend for the quality.

When it comes to select metal detector, you want the best quality for every dollar you spend. There are many different elements that you bear in mind when shopping as a safe bet.

If you are new to metal detecting then you should need to start with bit cheaper that provide all best qualities.

Best and Cheap Metal Detector:

Bounty Hunter Junior (BHJS):

The bounty hunter bhjs junior metal detector is enjoyable entertainment for the kids as it launches them into the thrilling world of discovering buried treasure. It is also a quality technique to get them outside into the sun and fresh air away from their mobile phones and personal computers games. This detector is specially designed with children in mind. This detector is light-weight, compact and very easy to handle. You could rock this thing everywhere without getting tired. The best thing about bounty hunter junior is it’s affordable, and on the purchase, you get earphones to listen to any possible beep from metallic material items underneath the ground. It also comes with batteries that are long running and easily detect metallic material objects even they run dry.

Bounty Hunter Time Ranger

The Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector is best shelf metal detector. This detector is the best for the treasure hunters and metal collectors. It has the capability to detect everything. Metal Detectors go for this machine because you will discover lots of benefits.

Time Ranger Metal Detector is reliable with great features and the user will find very useful features in it. All the users who purchase this metal detector is very satisfying and provide very good feedback about this metal detector.

The Bounty Hunter Time Ranger maintain his reputation is the metal detectors. The Time Ranger hold the prominent place in the products market. Bounty Hunter maintains his quality and provides a very excellent feature for past few years. Keep reading this article to learn more about great features of Time Ranger.

Important things keep in mind when buying the best metal detector for the money:

Here is some important factor that you must keep in mind when you buying the best metal detector for the money.


There are many different functionalities and features that expect from a good metal detector. In 100$ device is very low frequency (VLF). You would expect from this technology:

Ground Balance: you should be able to minimize the interference of electromagnetic waves and minerals in the soil and it can be automatic or user defined.

Notching: Discrimination is very important, your detector should be able to discriminate targets based on depth and it should give you an option to determine what strength you want to find.

LCD Display: LCD display is also the important feature and it must be included in your metal detector. LCD display provides the level of sensitivity, target Id and the level of the battery. It should come with built in speakers or come with headphones. At this price, do not expect high-quality headphone being part of the metal detector. Headphones is included to increase the comfort level and suitability. Three to four tones are available in this budget.


If you want really cheap metal detector it doesn’t mean to snoop to low. If your budget is less than $100 you can select good device for the children or you can purchase second hand which is also very good option.


The standard device has an 8-inch coil and it’s available in less than $100 budget. If the coil is interchangeable then it would be great and it increases the performance. Bunty Hunter Time ranger has the interchangeable coil. If the coils are waterproof then it’s wonderful some are semi-waterproof that mean they can be used in shallow waters but not in deep ones. The technology of the coil is very important.