Best metal detector pinpointer

Are you looking for the best pinpointers for metal detecting? In this article, I explain about the Pinpointer and explain which pinpointer is the best for you.

Before we start explain about the different pinpointers, it’s important to know what is pinpointer and how it’s work.

When you go for the hunting and you choose best metal detector, you start digging in the field and after few hour you realize that locating targets with your detector is only part of the game, the next part of this game brings the all metal from the ground and this the part where pinpointer come to play the important role.

Instead of digging the hole, you can use pinpointer device to the hole to pinpoint the find. This simple machine reduces the chance of damaging your find because the process of digging is the minor part of the game and also it increases the speed of work.
Some metal detector has built-in pinpointer but if we compare the built pinpointer with the pinpointer device than we realize that there is the clear difference between them.

Pinpointer Overview

Pinpointer is the very compact device, it’s light and small. It’s totally different device from metal detector so we can use any of the pinpointers with any metal detector. There is no need to assemble this you just need to adjust the noise according to the location.

This device is reliable for all types of metal detector. If you purchase any cheap pinpointer it may be pretty noisy and get damaged on the other hand if you choose durable than I gave warranty of 100% results.

Best Metal Detector Pinpointer Reviewed 2017

Garrett Pro Pointer AT waterproof pinpointing metal detector

Garrett Pro Pointer AT

As we know, Garrett is one of the biggest names as a metal detector manufacturer and now it’s pinpointing device is the very good addition to the toolkit. It’s waterproof device with fully adjustable sensitivity feature make this device perfectly.

This pinpointer is perfect for the beginners and it’s coming with band belt holster. This device is very helpful and safe too much time. This beauty full product comes with 2-year warranty and its handy control helps you to silence it and also it has vibration mode. There is no doubt that this pinpointer is the best in the market. Smooth control and the elegant look make your experience great.

Nokta Pointer Pinpointer

This is the perfect device for the diggers who search in the water. It fully waterproof and very easy to use pinpointer. This device is highly sensitive to the setting but its results and its control were superb.

The best thing about this device is its price, It’s very much in your budget and its battery timing was great almost 30 hours battery time. The audio control and vibration is also very good.

FTPPING – Pinpointer by Bounty Hunter

FTPPING - Pinpointer by Bounty Hunter

Now I think we need to talk about the cheaper option, As we know bounty hunter has a good reputation in cheap metal detectors and now they make his name in the pinpointer market. They make the perfect device and its results are good if we compare with any expensive devices. It’s a lightweight device and it’s very easy to use and clean. Its sound system gave you alert when you near the target.

For the jewelry, coins, and gold it can be active at about 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch for the larger objects.

At the beginners level, this device is more than perfect and this device is considered as an entry level pinpointer metal detector. The con of the pinpointer, it will increase the time spent on recovery.

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