Best metal detector for gold

Are you looking for the best metal detectors for the gold? Yes, you are in the right location. Gold hunting is the most pleasurable and enjoyable fun for the treasure hunters. There are many metal detector for the gold and all metal detectors have some own features. In this article, I help you in the selection of right metal detector. I provide complete buyer’s guide for the gold metal detector.


Our Top pick is the Fisher Gold Bug Pro, it’s powerful gold metal detector and it’s very much in the budget for the everyone.
The Fisher Gold Bug Pro is the updated version of Fisher Gold Pro. It offers more control in handling and also enhanced visual and audio identification.The Fisher Gold Bug Pro metal detector is specially designed to find the smallest gold nuggets even in high mineralized soils.

Best Metal Detectors for Gold: OUR PICKS

Fisher Gold Bug ProBeginners19 kHz5/5 CHECK PRICE
Garrett AT GoldBeginners18 kHz5/5 CHECK PRICE
Fisher Gold Bug 2Intermediate71 kHz4.5/5 CHECK PRICE
Garrett ATXIntermediate730 PPS4.5/5 CHECK PRICE
Minelab GPZ 7000ExpertMultiple*4.5/5 CHECK PRICE

If you really need a good metal detector for the finding gold you need to keep in mind these some factors.OUR BUYING GUIDE

How to Choose:

The biggest question is “how to choose?” Today i want to clear this thing all metal detector can find gold nuggets if they are in the ground- not just gold metal detectors.
The gold metal detector is a simple metal detector but it’s designed specifically to detect tiny targets in mineralized ground.
Choose the right metal detector for the gold is very easy task after that you read some factors below.

  • Where you’ll be using metal detector
  • Ground Conditions. Is it highly mineralized? Or trash in the area?
  • Do you want a metal detector that can be good for coins, jewelry or relic
  • Past experience, which size of gold nuggets you have been found. If you don’t any experience join local prospecting club.
  • Budget.

You need to keep in mind these question before buying a metal detector.

All metal detectors have own features and characteristics, Like GPZ 7000 is meet all the requirements and it’s one of the best metal detectors but its price is very high. If you are at the beginning level than I recommend beginners metal detector because there is the clear price difference between beginners level and expert level.
So the conclusion is every metal detector is good enough to find gold all metal detectors has own methods own features.

Detector Technology

There are two technologies used in metal detectors VLF and PI so need to decide which technology you need.

VLF is very low frequency, this technology is used is detectors that are built for coins, relics and jewelry. VLF is measured in kilohertz usually it’s range is 3 kHz to 70 kHz.
Here are some reasons why you choose VLF

  • Best for the beginner.
  • the same metal detector is used for coin hunting and relics
  • Discrimination is very good in these metal detector
  • Budget is not too high

PI stands for pulse Induction and it’s specially designed for maximum depth. PI measured in pulses per second.
Here are some reasons to choose PI machine:

  • Specially designed for gold hunting
  • It’s good for small nuggets and also best for greater depth.
  • Easily used in high mineralized ground
  • For Experienced treasure hunter

Operating Frequency

We already discussed the VLF, we know that VLF is very good for average size gold nuggets. The operating frequency is also the very important thing. Normal range of VLF is 3kHz to 70 kHz and 13 kHz to 50 kHz is perfect for gold. You can easily change the range of frequency.