Coin hunting is the most enjoyable part of metal detecting but finding the best metal detector for the coins is the difficult job. Do you have some trouble in buying the metal detector for coins, Don’t Worry we Provide complete buyer guide and select top 5 best metal detectors for coins for you. Our top pick is Garrett ACE 300. deals on the metal detector


High frequency, Coin depth indicator, User-friendly

Garrett ACE 300 is the best metal detector for coins. ACE 300 provide all those features that you looking for. Its user-friendly, Economical, Different Search modes and the most important it has coin depth indicator. It has 4 iron discrimination segments and also it has 8 sensitivity adjustments. It features makes best coin detector. This metal detector is also considered the best metal detector for money


2) Garrett AT PRO

Weatherproof Properties, Ideal for coin hunting, Auto Ground Balance

Garrett AT Pro is also the very good choice for coin hunting. It’s at number 2 in the list of the best metal detector for coins. It has iron discrimination technology. Garrett AT Pro is very good with the small target and this feature make this product more attractive and compatible with coins. This is also best on the list of mid-range metal detector


3) Bounty Hunter BHJS

Pure weather resistant, light weight, Discrimination control

Bounty Hunter BHJS is the best for kids. Its design and features are perfect for the kids. Its design makes it perfect for the coin hunting. It provide high Performance level with LCD display and visual battery indicator. This also very good for beginners.




Top Metal Detectors for Coins

Product Frequency Coil Price
Fisher 22 7.69 kHz 9″ Concentric  
Bounty Hunter Gold 6.7 kHz 8   

Our Buyer Guide

Coin hunting is the most enjoyable hubby. There is lot of coins and interesting things in your lawn and now you can easily find all these of things.

This article helps in the choosing of the best metal detector for coins. You need to check these specifications if you chose metal detector for silver or new coins. Top metal detectors must have these characteristics.


If you are looking for coin hunting then you need a detector that can accurately ID targets greater than 6″. The Old coins sink over the time, so you want to find older, you have to go deeper.

I use the word accurately because entry and mid-level machines detect silver 1913 Barber Quarter at 10″. If ID target is greater than 6″ there’s a good chance the detector tells you a trash signal or even just a ground signal.
From the entry/mid-level detector single will be too weak and it does not identify accurately and you not even dig and walk away. NOT GOOD.

The other biggest factor that you need to consider is Operating Frequency when choosing coin machine is the really important factor. Low frequency(2-4 kHz) metal detectors will hit much deeper than the average metal detector. Most of the manufactures design the majority of the metal detector for the average all-around destectorist. It focuses on coins, jewelry, and relics.
Higher Frequency(1–20 kHz) require for the relic hunting. All around machines are working on both frequencies so for the coin hunting use 5-10 kHz range.

If you looking for gold nuggets go with the higher frequency. Gold nugget machines use different technology it’s based on Pulse Induction which is not best for coin hunting.

Ground Balance

The Ground Balance is the very important feature of the metal detector and this feature helps you to ignore the signals coming from the ground. Yes, some time metal detector will pick up Iron or salt. Most of the metal detector has the preset ground balance which means you cannot adjust the ground balance according to your need. It’s Not GOOD.
I recommend the metal detector which has ground balance manually or automatically adjustable according to your specific surface. The automatically adjustable ground balance will allow getting much better depth and target ID.


On Pinpointing factor, there is the debate between experienced detectorists on what type of coil is best for pinpointing? Is it concentric or DD?
If we think technically, the concentric coil is very good for pinpointing, but not just thinking technically. You can get the best coil for pinpointing by experiencing and finding the errors. I personally use DD coil and I got very good results

It’s better for two reasons.
It’s digging in smaller holes and it’s good for pinpointing and the other reason is it’s very much suitable for coin hunting especially for the 100s of years old.

Good coil selection

I would also recommend you to choose a metal detector with multiple accessory coils available you can puraches in future but it’s very good hunting. Because differnt locations require different coil types and diffierent sizes.