How much serious you are?

Even before you buy a metal detector, you need to make some choices. This helps you to find out which features are most important and it also saves your money and time. We try to help in the selection of best metal detector for the beginners.


You should make choice, for what you are buying the metal detector? Are you buying this for your children for keeping them away from their regular video games, mobiles, and tabs? Or you are just about to start a new hobby and you don’t even know whether you like it or not?

What are you going to find?

The first question you should ask yourself ‘what do you want to find?

Do you want to search for all metals or only for gold, relics and old pennies?

If you want to find gold nuggets or flakes then beginners level machine is not going to work. You will need a professional gold exploration machine.

Where are you going to search?

The next question that rise is ‘Where are you going to search?’ If you are searching near sea, river or lake than waterproof metal detector would be better for you. You DON’T need a fully waterproof metal detector because most of the metal detectors have the waterproof coil but the control box is not waterproof (except fully waterproof metal detector. That means there is no need for the fully waterproof metal detector to hunt in these areas unless you don’t let your control box wet.

In the high mineralized area or hot ground, the entry level machines have a tough time to perform well.


Some Features that Matter

There are some features of metal detector that you should know before buying a metal detector. It helps you to find more valuable thing rather than trash.


Metal detectors usually detect all type of metals but no one wants to find bottle caps, cans and tin foil. So, here comes an excellent property which helps you find more valuable thing rather than trash.

DISCRIMINATION is a feature which excludes specific type of metal from its detection based on its conductivity

For example, if you want to find precious metals (high conductivity) then put discrimination setting on your detector it will exclude the trashy metals (low conductivity).


The notching is like discrimination that allows you to pick the specific metals, such as those mentioned above, if you want to find coins only, it will allow you to find dime (ten cents) and quartz. This feature is very helpful to find the exact nature of the metals you are looking for

3-Digital Target ID

It is another very powerful feature that comes with two major applies for entry level

  • Number ID

Notch id is also called target ID which identify the metals based on there size and conductivity. Notch id is found in machines like Garrett ACE 250.


  • Notch Id

Number ID is better than target ID. It has the 0-99 scale which allows excellent accuracy in identification of targets. Trash (low conductive metals) could register form 0-30 while the target (high conductive) one is from 30-99.

4-Ground Balance

Ground Balance is another feature that allows your machine to tear the perfect soil condition and cancel unwanted signal.

It comes with three types of ground balance

  • Preset

Preset balance is adjusted for the average ground conditions without the ability to adjust.

  • Automatic
  • Manual

Automatic and manual is not usually found in the entry-level machine because it reads the ground condition very accurate and adjusted correspondingly.