Beach Hunting is always wonderful to experience but finding the right detector for the beach is a bit difficult, Now it’s not difficult I provide the complete buyer guide for the peoples who want to buy a best beach metal detector for beach hunting.

Best Beach Metal Detector

Many locations are famous and perfect for the hunting my all time favorite is Miami beach because the shore of the beach is wonderful and it’s very much easy to dig.

Sand is the also concern able thing, usually on dry sand metal detecting is easy by any metal detector so for the dry sand you can choose entry level or any other metal detector.

As we know, minerals in the ground can be problematic, so ground balance is the very important factor in the metal detector if you hunting in the area that has minerals in the ground.


If you make your full mind about the beach hunting and you make the decision that you won’t venturing into the water further than ankle deep then your next step is focused on the technology of the metal detector. VLF and PI are the common technologies that are used in metal detectors.

Because of saltwater detector detect false alert because saltwater amplifies the ground minerals and it’s frustrating for the hunters especially for the beginners. We have two ways to overcome this problem, Use VLF devices that has ground adjust control which allows you to tune your detector and then go into the mineralization sand, This option was perfect for the smaller budget.

The second option is, go with the PI-devices. This technology has the automatic ground balance adjustment feature which automatically adjusts according to the mineralize sand. PI devices are usually expensive but if you buy these devices you will enjoy a lot.

Top Best Beach Detectors

Metal Detector Water Depth Rating Price
Garrett ATX 10 feet 5/5
Fisher F2 NA 4.3/5
Garrett Ace 400 Ankel Deep 5/5
XP Deus Waterproof 4.4/5
Garrett AT Pro 10 feet 4/5

Garrett ATX

Garrett ATX, The Best metal detector for the beach hunting. It uses PI technology that makes this product perfect for the highly mineralized area. This metal detector provides the accurate result in the 10 feet depth of the sea. This machine is fully adjustable you can use stem fully extended or collapsed. It has LED indicator and also it has external speakers for those who not wear headphones. Its volume control feature is awesome, complete adjustable volume.

You can set up this device in just 3 to 5 minutes. Here are the steps

1. Set the level of discrimination
2. Select the correct search mode
3. Adjust the sensitivity level
4. Frequency Scan
5. Ground balance

The only concern able thing about this detector is, it’s expensive and it’s weight is bit heavy. If we talk about the price then I will not suggest this metal detector if you are at the beginners level or you have the low budget.

Fisher F2

Best metal detector for the beginners or entry level. This metal detector can be used at dry sand or any other locations. Actually, it provides 8 segments visual target identifier with LCD screen that is easy to read.

The control panel is very impressive, you can adjust the sensitivity and ignore the trash by just clicking large push button. I highly recommend this device for the dry sand because its head is sealed so it’s not pretty much suited for the salt water. The other expected feature of this device is its depth indicator, it’s incredibly wonderful and this feature makes this device perfect for the kids.

Usually, this machine is pretty much for the beginners and I also recommend this machine for the beginners. This machine has the ability to find the smallest piece of metal up to 6 inches deep. It’s lightweight and easy to a usable device.

The cons of this device are it can react badly into the moisture are and also it has no strap for the arm brace but it’s lightweight so I think it easy to grip.

Garrett Ace 400: Best Mid Range

Garrett Ace 400
Garrett Ace 400

The Garrett ACE 400, one of the best metal detector for the entry level. It has 5 different search modes, digital target ID, and 10kHz frequency level so these features ensure the higher sensitivity on the targets.

It has coin depth indicator, which means it can accurately determine the depth of the targets. Its coil is perfect for the sand and also it can provide very good results in the water.

It has adjustable arm strap and also it has headphones in the accessories box and also you can setup this device in very quick time. In the mid-range category, this metal detector is at the top of the list.

The Cons of this metal detector is it has no ground balance tweaking and also it’s not fully waterproof.

Garrett AT Pro

Garrett AT Pro
Garrett AT Pro

Garrett AT Pro, My favourite metal detector for the beach hunting. It’s easy to use the device and it has 2 search modes – standard or professional. It can find targets well and if we talk about the depth it can be useful in the 8ft depth. Usually, i use this device in 10 feet depth I got good results.

The price of this device is very much in your pocket, you can buy this product very easily and the best thing is it’s not only for beach hunting you can use this device for terrains.

The cons of this device are, it’s the bit tricky with the cable connections and also it displays is very small and the I also face some battery problems.

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