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From the list of best metal detectors, you will pick the top metal detector 2019 at an affordable price, read the reviews and get the greatest one at a cheap price.

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Choosing the best metal detector 2019 for beginners is the hectic job. Isn’t it?

Best Metal Detectors are always a fun for finding the ancient iron and coins either at your home or at the beach yard.

Keeping this thing in mind that people use metal detectors for different purposes we have developed a list of best metal detectors 2017 to help you pick the best one for you.In this list of top 10 metal detectors, you will also see some top-rated detectors. What is the best metal detector” is the biggest question in our mind when thinking about the best metal detectors for the money.

Best Metal Detectors 2019 Comparison


We have selected only those metal detectors which are best enough to make it to our list. These are the best valuable metal detector reviews which are explained very well to help you pick the best metal detector 2019 for you. We have also added related post in this blog. In the world of the metal detector, there are a lot of different brands of metal detectors.  Here is the comparison of the top 10 metal detectors.

Here is the deals on metal detector

Bounty Hunter BHJS2 9Volt 22 x 6 x 51.3 Pounds Check Price
Garrett Ace 1504 AA 22 x 11 x 54.1 Pounds Check Price
Bounty Hunter TK42 9Volt28.2 x 10 x 6.24.1 Pounds Check Price
Garrett Ace 2504 AA 11.1 x 22.1 x 5.14.5 Pounds Check Price
Garrett Ace 3004 AA10 x 7 x 515.4 Pounds Check Price
Bounty Time Ranger2 9Volt28.3 x 6 x 101.9 Pounds Check Price
Bounty Hunter QSIGWP2 9Volt28.3 x 6 x 101.9 Pounds Check Price
Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector4 AA7.5 x 4.5 x 22.52.3 Pounds Check Price
Winbest Pro Edition2 9Volt30 x 7 x 4 inches3.8 Pounds Check Price
Fisher Gold Bug9 Volt21.4 x 12.3 x 5.72.9 lbs Check Price
XP Deus9 AA28.6 x 19 x 79.3 Pounds Check Price
Minelab Excalibur II300032" - 36"4.26 lbs Check Price
Fisher CZ-219 Volt28.25 x 10 x 6.255.7 lbs Check Price
Tesoro Sand Shark8 AA‎21.50x9.00x4.754.3 lbs Check Price

Best Metal Detector Reviews

Without further ado let’s read the best metal detector reviews 2019.

1)Bounty Hunter bhjs Junior Metal Detector:  Best Metal Detector For Kids

best metal detectorOverview

The bounty hunter bhjs junior metal detector is enjoyable entertainment for the kids as it launches them into the thrilling world of discovering buried treasure. It is also a quality technique to get them outside into the sun and fresh air away from their mobile phones and personal computers games. This metal detector is specially designed with children in mind. This detector is light-weight, compact and very easy to handle. You could rock this thing everywhere without getting tired. we try to provide the best metal detector review about Bounty Hunter Junior BHJS. Bhjs Junior is the top rated metal detector in the list of best metal detectors for the kids. In 2016 bhjs junior is at 4th position in all-time metal detectors and it’s rating still improved day by day.

That being said it sure doesn’t mean it is without significant features. It comes with an appropriate discrimination control to keep away from unnecessary, useless stuff like the tin cans and target indicator, which measure signal strength, gets noisy as you approach the object. The Bounty Hunter Metal Detector will easily handle large objects up to 3 feet in depth and regular coin-size objects up to 5 inches on the surface. This is also known as handheld metal detector. de The BHJS Junior can be used at the beach but keep in mind the coil in not waterproof. One thing that I would say this is the best Amazon metal detector till now according to reviews and price and customer support.In fact, this is the best metal detector for money and beginners kids. “What is the best for the kids on the market” if this question comes into your mind you must need BHJS Junior metal detector because it’s best for the kids. There is no doubt if I rate this metal detector as best for the kids.

Features of bounty hunter bhjs junior metal detector:

The Junior Metal Detector works on the beeping sound mode. Finding the good metal detector for the kids is the key concern. BHJS comes with earphones and user can use these earphones to listen to any piece of metal. It’s amazing to find for the parents whose kids are interested in a coin collection. Its beep detects easily any piece of metal and when the user gets close to the metallic material its intensity of the beep is the increase. Its beeps intensity varies with how close to the metallic material and the automatic beeping sound can be regulated.

The Junior Metal Detector has discrimination control that can abolish any unwanted metal. The objected meter measures material strength with a beep. The meter is adjusted to a certain level, and a metal hunter surely knows if they are found to metal. Below the certain meter range, it will be sure that the hunter will find trash instead of metal.

This is specially designed for  children how’s looking to collect coins. It is not improvised like another metal detector in words of depth detection. It can easily detect the small coin sized object up to 5 inches deep and larger objects up to 3 feet deep. This is the best metal detector for the money. These features are helpful for those Who thinks “how to choose metal detectors for the kids”. In the below features I mention all the things that must be in kids metal detector and all these things are available in Bounty Hunter BHJS. Ground EFX is a so big name in the metal detectors market and it has some metal detector for kids.

Other Features of Bounty Hunter BHJS:

  • One of the best characteristics of this metal detector is target indicator meter, which measures the signal strength and when the user close to the metallic material the value of the signal will increase and it gives best values.
  • It can easily eliminate unwanted items like iron because BHJS has a discrimination control function.
  • This is designed for the children how has interested to collect coins, and it can detect large objects up to 3 feet in depth, and small coin sizes object up to 5 inches deep.
  • It provides high-level performance, because it can detect all types of metals, its provide LCD and visual battery life indicator, so the user knows how much battery time he can use it.
  • 2*9 volt batteries required to power the indicator. The battery tester is included in the package, but the battery is not included in the package.
  • It works on 6.6 KHz frequency.
  • It is light weight and ergonomics in design and it’s very easy to use and handle
  • It provides the 1-year limited warranty.
  • It’s pure weather resistant and rustles.

Why BHJS Metal metal detector is best:

It is accessible

One of the best things of this metal detector is it’s affordable, and on the purchase, you get earphones to listen to any possible beep from metallic material items underneath the ground. It also comes with batteries that are long-running and easily detect metallic material objects even they run dry.

Easy to use

This metal detector is very easy to use and don’t worry if you have no any basic knowledge about treasure hunting because it comes with manual and all relevant instructions are clearly explained in the manual. This detector is basically designed for the amateurs how looking for the coins hence the easy to use.


This Detector is lightweight, and it’s very easy to carry out. It is also compact in size and children can easily carry around. Its material is very strong, and it’s weather resistant.


This Bounty junior metal detector is best. It’s one of the best options for the parents how’s kids looking for coins collection. It’s very easy to use and compact in size and the best thing about this its affordable for everyone. It’s number one metal detector for the kids.
    • It’s ideal for kids because it’s small and compact It has flexible shaft we can easily adjust detector size as the kids grow up.
    • We can quickly find our target objects by the help of target indicator meter.
    • The user can easily insert batteries, and you’re ready to go.
      • The detector is weather resistant, and detecting coil is not water proof.
      • It has designed for the children of amateurs.
      • The user has face problems in finding small items more than 6 inches deep.

      2)Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector Overview: Best Metal Detector For The Money

      Best Metal Detector For The Money

      The Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector is one of the best metal detectors for the money in the list of best metal detector for beginners. If we compare with Bounty Hunter TK4, Garrett Ace offers additional features and provide good starter pack that has to contain DVDs.

      This Metal Detector is very user-friendly, and for the beginners, it comes with DVDs and Books. It provides the complete guide for the beginners and explains each and everything that needs to get the start for the detecting. This metal detector is best because it’s very easy to start detecting with this detector and it comes automatically adjusted for ground metal materials. Ace 150 has the very good rating in the top ten metal detectors.

      We can assemble Garrett Ace 150 in just a few minutes it’s super simple to assemble. Just five main parts in the pack, the brain of the detector, the coil, the coil wire, the pole and nuts to the fixed pole to the coil. It will take only two minutes to put together.

      The setting of the Garrett Ace 150 is very simple there are just three buttons on the top, Mode, Sensitivity and power switch. It’s easy to set, easy tox- understand and self-explanatory.

      • Modes changes through Mode button there are three modes.
      • The Power supply button is used to turns it ON and OFF.
      • The third button sensitivity button is used to change the sensitivity of the machine.

      Easy to use and Looks Good

      Garrett 150 metal detector is very easy to use, and also it provides excellent features, it’s accurate on target and discrimination. It’s right on the money and features excellent depth. When it comes to cost! No other detectors provide these features and quality that Garrett provides at this price.

      Features of Garrett 150:

      This metal detector offer bundles of features, it provides the simple setting and available, easy adjustments according to the needs. It also provides the complete control that makes sure the detection is much easier and a lot of fun. The Ace 150 looks beautiful and aesthetic look, and it also features excellent depth sensitivity and accurate on target. This is really quality metal detector. Garrett Ace 150 is very user-friendly. Everyone can use this device because it’s very easy to use. Garrett 150 Ace is the best for the entry-level metal detector.  If you think “how to pick metal detector” you must check these features if they have these features it’s best for buy.

      Key Features

      • This is ideal for detecting in extreme ground conditions
      • Audio signal and Graphic target ID
      • It’s lightweight
      • Coin Depth Indicator
      • Low battery indicator
      • Three levels of depth
      • Interchangeable Ace series Search Coil
      • Tone ID
      • Clear Tone Speaker
      • Large LCD
      • 4 Easy Sensitivity Setting
      • Headphone jack
      • Detector stand
      • Adjustable Length
      • Push button control
      • Length: 42 inches to 51 inch
      • Frequency- 7.2 kHz
      • Weight: 2.7 lbs.
      • Two-year warranty


      The Garrett Ace 150 is very comfortable to hold, and it’s lightweight and also it’s durable. It has to pad for the grip and special padding for the arm at the top of the machine. This machine is one of the best metal detectors for beginners, children’s and older user because it’s lightweight and you could be out all the day and not feel any strain on your arm.


      Battery life is also a great feature of Garrett Ace 150. 25 – 30 hours is average metal detecting time, but some user had reported more. The battery timing depends on quality and age of the batteries you are using. 4AA batteries use to power it and this is a powerfull device. I personally recommend rechargeable batteries because it saves your money in the long run.


      The other best thing about 150 detectors is toned; tones become very easy and clear to understand after getting used to the machine. The ear will easily understand when you hear it. It also has double dinger to make more easy to understand. The machine passes all the test that is performed in the different field.


      The Garrett Ace 150 has different modes to detect metals, and for all mode, it has different tones. In metal mode it picked everything, iron giving low tone, coin giving two different tones small coin giving short and clear tone and large coin giving a bell tone “double dinger.”

      In jewelry mode, it detects jewelry and reject iron and gave no signal whatsoever. The machine still picks coins and other metallic items in jewelry mode.

      In Coin mode, it picks all types of coins with ease, includes pennies and other modern coinage. Rings and iron rejected in this mode.

      Uses of Garrett 150:

      Use on Beach:

      On the Beach, the Garrett Ace 150 is working absolutely brilliant on dry sand its work very well. I personally use on the beach, and I have a great experience. Regularly I use on jewelry mode to eliminate iron. I use this machine on full sensitivity, and it finds easily over 18 inches down. I was very impressed with the depth. I have used this machine on the black sand scoop and its show some false reading but when I change sensitivity level to 3 then its working fine. On Wet Sand it’s perfect. I have found items in 8 inches deep.

      Use on the mountain:

      This machine is very good on mountains. I have found many things on mountains. I use on jewelry mode with full sensitivity. This machine is not waterproof, but we can use housing cover for the control panel and taped up with the electric tape and easily use in the rain. I also have very good experience in the rain.


      Overall this machine would be the perfect starter. This machine is highly recommended for the beginner’s detectors. The best thing that I feel with Garrett Ace 150 Detector is it’s within the budget. If you want to know metal detecting in very low price bracket and with high efficiency than this machine is perfect. This machine is not waterproof, but housing cover is used to cover control panel. I hope you enjoy and create wonderful memories and detect many interesting things.
      • It’s very easy and comfortable to use
      • It’s comes with 4 adjustment levels of sensitivity control
      • Discrimination Level is very high it can easily filter junk metals.
        • It does not come with ground balance

        3)Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector: Best Metal Detector for Children and Adults

        Best Metal Detector for beginners

        Most people are not familiar that which one is the best metal detector for beginners and which one is the best metal detector for experts, But no need to worry this Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is especially the best metal detector for beginners. If we talk about which is the best metal detector for beginners in the world of metal detecting and treasure hunting I highly recommend Bounty Hunter tk4 Tracker Metal Detector. It is one of the experienced treasure hunter. It is one of the highest rated metal detectors. If we compare this metal detector with Garrett ACE 150 and Fisher F2 metal detector you will see the clear big difference and the 1st and the major difference is it’s cheaper than Garrett ACE 150 and Fisher F2. You can get really good metal detector under 100$.

        Bounty Hunter TK IV Design:

        The Bounty Hunter TK4 is the very pretty sleek machine. Its design is very nice and beautiful it’s all black and it has the nice adjustable height that makes easier to use for all.  Tall and short can easily adjust the height according to his height and enjoy the best experience. If we talk about the ergonomics of this model of detector Bounty Hunter done a Great Job. It’s very easy to use, its weight is very light you feel didn’t tired after using many hours.

        The TK4 is the very user-friendly metal detector. Its performance is very effective in the variety of condition. It has built-in automatic ground TRAC feature to eliminate the need for ground balancing.

        The tk4 metal detector is available in the market in the best prize.  When first time I heard the price and when I read the features I am shocked in very reasonable price Bounty Hunter provides quality with best features. Buy on Amazon

        Bounty Hunter TK4 Features:

        The list of features has large and it’s and it’s the really big thing that Bounty Hunter Provides a large range of features in very cheap price. Here is the Lsit of key features of Bounty Hunter TK4.

        • Ideal for extreme ground conditions
        • Low battery indicator
        • Armset
        • Detector stand
        • Discrimination mode and 2 audio mode
        • Adjustable height design
        • Headphones jack is compatible with all head phones
        • It can easily distinguish between metal and unwanted material
        • 5 years warrenty

        4)Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector: Best Mid Ranged Metal Detector


        Best Mid range metal detector

        The Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector is the best metal detector for beginners. It’s lightweight and very simple and easy to understand and the best thing is it’s easy to afford. Due to his wonderful features and simplicity, this is a best-selling metal detector. It has combinations of great features that are why many people buy and recommend to buy Garrett Ace 250. Garrett Ace 250 is also best selling the brand in the metal detector market.

        If we talk about the design and look of the Garrett Ace 250, its design is very simple and easy to use, and it’s pretty similar to the Garrett Ace 150 just addition of few new buttons. These buttons are easily in the reach of thumb and make quick adjustments. This machine is very elegant, and it’s divided into three parts, the control panel (brain of the computer), and the coil (interchangeable), and the pole which makes very easy to transport. The coil of the Ace 250 is interchangeable so that it can be upgraded. Garrett 250 Ace is affordable and it’s under $300 so it’s best for the price.

        The Garrett Ace Metal detector is accurate, easy to use, comfortable and the best thing it’s affordable. As I previously mentioned it’s very light on weight but it’s very heavy on features and performance. Garrett 250 is not in the list of most expensive metal detectors so it means it’s inexpensive. There are many different brands of metal detectors and Many people ask “what is the best brand” and “who makes the best” so the answer to this question is Garrett and Bounty Hunter is both best brands of the metal detectors but I rate Garrett as an upper hand on Bounty Hunter. For the sales perspective, the graph of Garrett 250 is very high. It’s one of the top-notch metal detectors of Garrett.


        The design of the Garrett Ace 150 is very simple and very much similar to the Ace 150. Ace 250 has added three buttons with advanced features. If we talk about the coil it has 9-inch elliptical search coil; it’s thin, and its makes look small of Ace 250. Its coil is interchangeable and easy to upgrade on the next detector in the Garrett Series. The coil is perfect, and its detection quality is very good. The pole which makes easy to transport and easy grip on hand and your arm. And effortlessly you will grip this machine and move it anywhere you want. The display machine is well designed and easy to read. At the top of the screen, the thick graphics target ID lines make perfect for a quick glance. The depth indicator is on the right, and it’s based on numbers and provide parameters, and it’s 100% accurate.

        Features of Garrett 250:

        The Garrett Ace 250 has a lot of great features, and due to his best quality features, this metal detector is one of the best metal detectors. Garrett ACE 250 offers simple LCD and six buttons that all makes look beautiful. Six buttons perform six different features, Power, Discrimination, Modes, Sensitivity, Pinpoint, and Elim. The LCD has following features, depth of target, the mode selected, battery level and sensitivity.

        The Power buttons are simply used to machines power up.

        The Mode button is used to change the mode of detection. In Garrett Ace 250 there are five modes of detections.

        All Metals: In this mode, it detects all metals including iron.

        Jewelry: In jewelry mode, it only detects jewelry and ignores items such as bottle caps and nails.

        Custom: This mode is my favorite one. In this mode, the user can customize the setting using the elimination and discrimination and select induvial specifications.

        Coins: Coins mode is only to detect coins, and it ignores all trash targets, bottle caps and iron and pulls tabs.

        Relics: In this mode eliminate all trash targets and detect good targets on lower conductivity.

        The Sensitivity Buttons are simply used to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the machine.

        The pinpoint buttons are used to target of the exact location.

        The Discrimination buttons are used to eliminate unwanted material and select only selected items.

        As we know all manufactures tries to create unique products and add all advance features and setting. For the Garrett, the best point is bell tone. The Garrett has three basic audio beeps and sound move when you near to the target and it also has fourth tone will play when detector thinks its coins. It’s distinct from other rings and fade out time, and it’s called bell tone. This tone is not practically not useful only coin shooters appreciate to hearing this extra feature. We have done many testes on this feature, and the result is same for every test, this feature is working flawlessly.

        The Garrett Ace 250 has remarkable features and include 12 segments, Discrimination to eliminate trash, eight level sensitivity, Pinpoint on target, Visual target ID, and three audio tones target ID, More than 8inches coin find easily and five adjustable search modes. And all these features packed in 2.7lbs weight. Its frequency is 7.2 KHz, and its length is adjustable from 42 inches to 52 inches.

        This machine is perfect for the new comers, and all features are specially added for the newcomers. The Garrett Ace 250 provide a microprocessor controlled electronics and provide with elegant design. The user can just push power buttons and enjoy all these wonderful features. This machine is by default set on coins mode and automatically eliminate signals from trash. When you use this detector, you can easily take control of this machine and change modes according to your needs. Garrett 250 is the best for all the purposes.


        If we conclude this review and rate this device out of 10, this device gets 9.5 easily. This is 2nd in the metal detector ranking. This detector is easily affordable for everyone; you get wonderful features and elegant design at very low price. The Garrett Ace 250 has all these features that you are looking for in metal detector.
        • It’s lightweight and very easy to use and make easy control of the device and best-selling metal detector in the metal detector category.
          • On unbalance surface you need to put down machine sensitivity and sacrifices on depth.

           5) Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector: Best Metal Detector Overall


          Best metal detector for professionals

          Looking for the way to spend your time in an efficient way? Yes, you are at the right way we have a solution. Every want to play Scavenger Hunt what’s about to have such and hobby in real time format. Yes, I am going to talk about finding treasure which could be gold silver pearls and many other valuable things buried under your feet. Here the question arises how you can do it you need a device that allows to guide you where you have to dig and how much you will dig to get wealth or other precious things. This task has been done by modern technology which invents a super performance metal detector known as Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector. This allows us to see under the ground and have a clear view about where you should dig for the treasury. Ace 300 metal detector by Garrett is the quality product which is easy to operate. It is too easy to lift and is truly affordable. If you are looking for the medium level, cost effective and easy interface for information display than this Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector is for you. Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector includes big 7 x 10 inches search coil for additional coverage and for deep detection.

          Design and structure

          ACE 300 Metal Detector is very simple and use friendly in its design. It gives very good responce. It is truly designed in such a way that common man can use it confidently. It includes a 1.06m – 1.29m (meter) long adjustable rod used to hold and easily move it to ground. Metal road had a big search coil at its head which is used to throw frequency through which under ground targets are the middle it has a user interface which shows information regarding target discovered.

          Features and Specification

          Garrett has made many big features in ACE 300. Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector is updated version of Garrett ace 250.The design of ACE 300 Metal Detector is according to user expectations it has cover belt through which it can be tie with person arm. This unit feeds the high frequency of 8 kHz for medium level detection of objects. Some other features that make it outstanding are:

          Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector Key Features

          • Provides digital target scale ID 0 to 99 which offers information about target
          • High frequency provides easy detection of gold, lead etc.
          • 5 search modes/ Different Search Parameters
          • eight sensitivity/depth adjustments
          • Coin depth indicator, indicates depth of target
          • Electronic pinpointing which helps to speedy locate and recover target
          • Provides pulse-width modulation audio that allows more sharp and responsive audio
          • Submersible 5×10 inches big coil provides more coverage then usual
          • Includes Camlocks for increased stem stability
          • Increased iron resolution
          • Indication for U.S coin denominations
          • Adjustable frequency
          • Made in USA
          • Economical
          • User friendly
          • Provides 3 audio ton levels (low, medium and high)


          • Adjustable length (1.06m – 1.29m)
          • One unit weights around 2.8 lbs or 1.27 kg
          • 4 AA batteries (standard size dry battery)
          • 0 to 99 target ID scales
          • Adjustable frequency with camlocks
          • 12 target ID cursors segments
          • 4 iron discrimination segments
          • 8 sensitivity and depth adjustments
          • 2 years of limited parts and labor warranty

          Search levels

          Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector provides 5 search levels that are listed below

          • Zero
          • Jewellery
          • Custom
          • Relics
          • Coins

          These mods are to facilitate you and they are custom search mods that allow you to set the Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector settings specifically for the thing you are looking for. For example, If you are looking for coins then select the coin mod after that your metal detector will work as it. It is also known as coinmaster.


          Besides the ACE 300 Metal Detector unit, you will get some accessories which are for the purpose of convenience or easy usage of that gadget. Accessories along with Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector are:

          • Headphones

          For the better and clearer audio Garrett will provide easy stow headphones with volume controller charging no more price means free of cost.

          • ACE environmental cover-up

          This will allow you to safely work in strong weather condition life in rain or storm by protecting the Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector same as a helmet work for a rider to save his head from the accident. This cover is specifically for the controller box to prevent it from water and dust. In the list of metal detector with waterproof mechinizim this machine is right on the top of the list.

          • Search Coil

          Extra big search coil cover that allows searching for the extra area with minimum effort. Big search coil allows Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector to feed heavy frequency metal to the larger area and then detect where you can dig to fine target. Coil magnetic field is enough strong to find gold nuggets

          Comparison with other metal detectors

          There is a lot of metal detectors available in the market but ACE 300 is unmatchable. Here is a brief comparison that clearly shoes that Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector is best metal detector among others.

          ACE 300 VS ACE 250

          ACE 300 replaces ACE 250 in the Garrett line-up. Company has made new outstanding features in the Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector.  Following are some of the features that ACE 250 didn’t have. ACE 300 has digital target IDs ranging 0 – 99

          • ACE 300 have 7 x 10” large search coil then 6.5 x 9” coil of ACE 250
          • Twice iron resolution for better discrimination which ACE 250 doesn’t have
          • Camlock and adjustable frequency for more stability which is not available in ACE 250
          • High frequency (ACE 300 have 8 kHz and ACE 250 have 6.5 kHz)

          ACE 300 VS ACE 350

          ACE 300 have some features that are not present in ACE 350 metal detector. That refers Garrett ACE 300 best metal detector of 2017.

          • Digital target ID (segment based)
          •  duction grwidth modulation audio
          • Adjustable frequency

          ACE 300 VS Fisher F22

          In the fight of best choosing best metal detector where you need to take decision based on features that metal detector contains the Fisher F22 takes the edge. It have some features that are not available in the Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector.

          • Water proof control box that gives no worry in rainy or dusty weather where in Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector there is only a cover up.
          • Has 5 years of warranty whereas Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector have 2 years of warranty
          • Fisher F22 metal detector have narrower 9 inches teardrop-shaped search coil which is effective even in trashy areas.


          At the end it is quite clear from above all the discussion. Garrett ACE 300 Metal Detector is made for you if you desired to have a best metal detector that is long lasting durable, work as spy and cost effective. Give value to your money. Buy it and enjoy your valuables founded using them with perfect accuracy.

          • Super Search Coil
          • User Friendly
          • Different Search Modes
              • No Adjustable Ground Balance

              6)Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector Review

              Overviewall time best metal detector

              In metal detecting, Bunty Hunter is known as a very good company. The best two metal detector of the bounty hunter is Bounty Hunter Time Ranger and Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro. In this article, we will discuss the Time Ranger and review the performance of the Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Performance.

              The Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector is best shelf metal detector. This detector is the best for the treasure hunters and metal collectors. It has the capability to detect everything. Metal Detectors go for this machine because you will discover lots of benefits.

              Time Ranger Metal Detector is reliable with great features and the user will find very useful features in it. All the users who purchase this metal detector is very satisfying and provide very good feedback about this metal detector.

              The Bounty Hunter Time Ranger maintain his reputation is the metal detectors. The Time Ranger hold the prominent place in the products market. On the market perspective, Bounty Hunter holds the 1st position.Bounty Hunter maintains his quality and provides a very excellent feature for past few years. Keep reading this article to learn more about great features of Time Ranger. Many people declare this metal detector as the best metal detector for the gold digger. Time Ranger is the best for both gold & silver. Time Ranger is the highest rated metal detector with the highest quality.


              The Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector is the best metal detector for beginners. His unique features and elegant looks provide the best product for the treasure hunter and metal collector. The Time Ranger is fully packed with features, and the company believes Time Ranger can’t find it, there isn’t anything there.

              The Time Ranger respond to your every command because Bounty Hunter uses the advanced circuit for its brains.  With very simple to push control button to easily control your Time Ranger to what do you need to find and reject the trash that so many other detectors will detect even after you reject it.

              Multifunction LCD: The Time Ranger is equipped with Large LCD. The LCD is multifunction, and it used to get information, and we can get iron level discrimination, Target ID, Depth, Sensitivity, Battery Level and Ground balance.

              Mode: The Best mode of the Time Ranger is Sniff mode that is used to eliminates unwanted or unnecessary items. This is perfect for the hunter to understand what metal they were digging and how much deep this metal. It also has all metal modes; you can set which metal to want, and it can easily detect for you. It has waterproof search coil and SMART TAC computerized ground balance to achieve maximum depth.

              Fully Programmable Touchpad: The Time Ranger Provide fully programmable touchpad and the user can control all features of the metal detector without hassle. We can access all possible modes through this touchpad, and sniff mode is also controlled from this touchpad.

              Discrimination: The Time Ranger has two discrimination, one is audio Discrimination that has three audio tones and the second is iron discrimination that is 4 level iron discrimination.

              Advanced Is Detection: This metal detector is very advanced in the field of detecting. It can detect any type of metal. It has the highly sensitive sensor to detect metals and Large LCD provide correct depth and status all time.

              Coil: The bounty hunter provide 4-inch gold nuggets coil with Time Ranger, Gold nugget coil is used to detect Gold. The 8 inch Bounty D-Tech Supports the gold prospecting process.

              Depth Detector:  The Time Ranger is accurate in depth, and his large LCD show exact depth on the screen. The LCD will clearly show how deep the gold, coins, silver and any other metal that you want. Usually, it can easily detect coin easily from 9 to 11 inches under the ground.


              The Bounty Hunter Time Ranger Metal Detector is the best if we compare all features with other detectors. It’s simple to use, easy to understand and the best thing is it’s affordable. Feedback from the buyer shows that Time Ranger is served efficiently.
                • It offers 100% accurate result
                • It can be used to detect gold
                • You can use this machine even you are not familiar with metal detector
                • LCD offers all the information that you need
                  • This is professional metal detector, so you need time to understand all features of this product

                  7) Fisher Gold Bug: Best Metal detector For Gold

                  When it comes to metal detecting there are a lot of different options available in the market. But this fishery is one of the first manufacturing companies. They are a well-reputed brand because of their quality metal detecting devices and this Fisher Gold Bug is one of them. Keep reading till end if you want to know more about this product.

                  Product Specifications

                  • SKU: GOLDBUG_kit
                  • Product Dimensions: 10.2” x 6.2” x 28.5”
                  • Length: Adjustable
                  • Audio Identification: 2 tone
                  • Ground Balance: Auto Ground Balance
                  • Product Weight: 2.5 lbs (approx)
                  • User Manual: Included
                  • Headphones: Dual Headphone Jack
                  • Headphone Jack size: ¼” Inch
                  • Discrimination: V.C.O Audio in All Metal & Discrimination Mode
                  • Power Source: 1-9 V battery
                  • Battery Indicator: Yes
                  • Pinpointing: Static Pinpoint along with Depth Indicator
                  • Coil: 5” DD Waterproof Search coil
                  • Operating Frequency: 19.2 KHz
                  • Sensitivity Adjustment: Yes
                  • Visual Identification: 5 Years

                  This Fisher Gold Bug Pro equipped with V-Break and uses computerized Ground grab to locate the smallest gold nuggets with ease from the type of soil containing highest concentration of minerals.

                  Product Overview

                  As mentioned above this fisher gold bug pro is specially designed for locating the smallest nuggets in toughest conditions. It comprises of 5-inch DD super sensitive search coil. This feature helps better pinpointing even in heavy mineralized soils. Moreover, being highly sensitive device it offers threshold control, sensitivity adjustment and fast ground balancing.

                  If you are searching for gold nuggets, coins or other kind of relics than you should definitely consider this product because it has all the features that’ll make your hunting a lot easier and adventurous.


                  The design is basic and simple on the arm, which makes it ideal for delayed use. It has a simple to use interface combined with a straightforward design, which makes it ideal for anybody simply beginning. Its sensitivity to the smallest of metals and gold and light weight makes it perfect for a genuine miner.


                  This Fisher contains a large easy to read LCD screen which tell the target response and ground conditions. Furthermore it is ergonomic in design one of the lightest metals detectors available in market.

                  These highlights makes the gold bug a great decision for younger, senior natives, those with bring down physical fitness levels, and any other person who simply need a simple to use and adaptable gold prospecting metal finders.


                  Along with bulk of features there are some downsides of this metal detector can’t be disregarded. It is not able to work properly under water. So, in case you’re a deep sea treasure seeker, this isn’t the brand for you. But, in case you’re sticking to dry land and you’re searching for gold in some unconventional spots, at that point the Gold Bug Pro is perfect.

                    • Lightweight
                    • User-friendly interface
                    • Precisely measure the amount of mineral
                    • Find smallest gold nuggets easily
                    • Ideal for prospecting
                    • Works excellently in high mineral soils
                    • Continuous ground readouts
                      • Little bit expensive in price
                      • Only coil is water proof


                      This Fisher Gold Bug Pro is evenly good for youngsters and seniors. It is fully equipped with feature and make treasure hunting a lot easier and adventurous. No, it is little bit expensive in price, but if you are looking for the best quality product than keep the price aside and make his one your prior choice.

                      8)Bounty Hunter QISGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector

                      Top Rated metal detector


                      The Bounty Hunter QISGWP Quick Silver Metal Detector is one of the best metal detectors for beginners category and its rank second in this category. The best thing that I release about this metal detector, its comes with a handy pin pointer, and when you metal detecting for a while, you will definitely release how useful these tools can be. The another thing about this metal detector is it’s very easy to use and very easy to understand. The Quick Silver has great LCD; it has four segments, target identification, and three tonnes feedback. If we create a list of the best metal detectors for the money I must say, QISGWP Quicksilver comes at the top of the list. Most properly this is the best review on QISGWP quicksilver.

                      It has a variety of names but most commonly it’s known as Bounty Hunter Quick Silver, a simple and multi-purpose metal detector that was designed very elegantly and ease to use. The QuickSilver is very lightweight and very simple to control and also it has ultimate starter detector.

                      Regarding comfort, it’s very comfortable, it’s only 2.8 pounds, and it’s easy to carry for several hours. You will get never tired even if you use this metal detector first time for the hunting. The armrest and padding of the grip are very soft, strong and ready to withstand a lot of wear and tear, and adjustable shaft locks securely on the place which you want. QuickSilver is the best cheap metal detector in the list of cheap metal detectors.

                      Quick Silver Features

                      The Bounty Hunter QISGWP Quick Silver is best Metal Detector that has many wonderful features, and the best thing is it comes with Pinpointer that is equipped with a preset ground balance, and it neutralizes the response to mineral content, and this detector eliminates the false alarm signals and saves our time. The Pinpoint helps to find the exact location of the required metal objects. It has three-tone audio feedback that is accurate and easily Identifies buried object. This LCD provides a clear view of the verify distance. The push-button discrimination and one-touch depth control is also a feature of Quick Silver LCD.

                      • Great depth detection, 8 inch for coins and 3 inches for the large object.
                      • Visual Target System, LCD
                      • It requires two 9 volt batteries
                      • Pro pointer and Preset Ground Balance, Neutralize the response to mineral content
                      • Audio Feedback, you can use internal speaker on internal headphones
                      • Weight is 2.8 ponds, very light-weight
                      • Low battery indicator
                      • ¼ head phones jack, its compatible with all headphones
                      • Easily adjustable height, padded armrest and detector stand
                      • Eliminates false signals and automatic ground balance
                      • One-touch depth control system and push-button discrimination
                      • Target identification display and three tones feedback make easier to use
                      • Clear view of the LCD it’s easy to read and verify the distance
                      • Electric Specs is 7KHz


                      This metal detector is the cheapest metal detector in the best metal detector for beginners category and its absolute beauty for those who are really interested in metal detecting. This metal detector has many other features, including battery indicator, headphones jack and labor warranty. Its search coil is interchangeable, and if you want to drill deeper into the earth, you can switch the coil that you bought secretly. This metal detector is best for the kids, and kids can use this detector.
                        • With few micromanage setting it’s ready to detection, and it’s wonderful
                          • It can’t handle heavy mineralized soil, and can’t detect deeper than 4 inches, and also this detector features can’t compare with other metal detectors.

                          9)Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review

                          Affordable metal detector


                          Today we talk about the Garrett AT Pro. Garrett is the big name in the best metal detectors market and we know that we have a lot of fantastic metal detector from Garrett and Garrett AT Pro is one of them. I personally have been using the Garrett AT Pro metal detector for 2 years and I personally rate 2nd in all metal detectors. The biggest question that we heard on the internet is “what are the best metal detector for the professional” so my personal recommendation and answer of the question is Garrett AT Pro is the best for the professionals. The best Garrett metal detector is Garrett AT Pro.This detector stores data in hard drive what you have mined.

                          Garrett AT Pro has all features that any treasure hunter wants. I will give guaranty when you going out for treasure hunting you aren’t sure where you end up. It’s the True jack of all trades metal detectors. It can handle all conditions and provide best results. Garrett AT Pro is providing the best performance in all metal detectors.

                          Before Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector, many people think Garrett is not best because it has no mid-range metal detector but when Garrett AT Pro comes into the market its change all the complexion about the Garrett. If I say, Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is the trademark of the Garrett than it has no doubt. Garrett AT Pro ranked 2nd in the list of top 5 metal detectors. Garrett AT Pro is at the top of the line in the metal detectors for the professionals.

                          Features of Garrett AT PRO Metal detector

                          The Garrett AT Pro has a lot of exciting features. Garrett AT Pro has tone roll audio and proportional audio features which give the chance to user to hear audio of targets when it is in true all-metal mode. Garrett AT Pro uses high res iron discrimination technology. It’s very easy to differentiate between metal and trash because Garett AT Pro uses the touchpad which gives access to 40 levels. This device is very handy if you’re really interested in treasure hunting and you want to save your time.

                          Garrett AT is very good with small targets such ad gold nuggets and jewelry and that’s the big reason to love this metal detector. For the small targets, you can adjust the Frequency because the metal detector comes with 15 kHz frequency. Ground balance can be adjusted manually and automatically and this feature improves the performance of the Garrett AT. Garrett AT Pro is the best professional metal detector.

                          Garrett AT Pro metal detector increase the ability to differentiate between the distinguished target conductivity because it comes with digital target ID that has 0 to 99 range of scale. The very exciting and important feature of this device is that it has very fast recovery speed and with this fast recovery you will pick quickly your target from trash. The best thing about this device is it can be submerged in water up to a depth of 10 feet. This feature makes this device versatile and wonderful for the people who love hunting in all terrain and in shallow water. The X-TERRA 705 offers the ultimate detecting experience. Garrett AT Pro is also famous for his long-range.

                          Garrett AT Pro has Graphic Target Analyzer (GTA) which allow us to identify the conductivity of the target. Coin depth indication is also a great feature for the coin hunters and it’s very handy in determining the depth of coins. Garrett AT Pro has battery indicator which will continually show the battery life. This gadget is very handy and the battery problem. Because of its the wide range of features, we must say, it’s a best all-around metal detector. These features make this product best for beach hunting.

                          Advanced Featured

                          • Auto Ground Balance
                          • Weatherproof Properties
                          • Ideal for coin hunting, jewelry hunting, relic hunting
                          • Includes 8.5 x 11 1 inch search coil
                          • Operated with batteries
                          • Headphones included

                          Garrett AT PRO Buyer Guide

                          Garrett AT Pro Buyer Guide

                          Garrett AT Pro Setting is depend on where you plan on using your AT pro. There are some important setting of AT Pro and I put together the list of different sets that you might help in treasure hunting.

                          The first thing that you want to do is switch your AT Pro straight over to pro audio mode. Here is the list of general settings.

                          • Iron discrimination – 35
                          • Pro Audio Mode
                          • Sensitivity – 8
                          • Don’t forget to ground balance

                          Garrett AT PRR (Beach Dry Sand)

                          • Pro Audio Mode
                          • Sensitivity – 7 or 8
                          • Iron discrimination 30
                          • Ground balance over the sand

                          Garrett AT PRR (Beach Wet Sand)

                          • Pro Audio Mode
                          • Sensitivity – 5
                          • Iron discrimination 20
                          • Ground balance over the sand


                          The conclusion about the Garrett AT Pro is this is perfect for all hunters. If you looking for the device who has very good in search of jewelry, relic, coins and even gold nuggets than surely this device is your first priority. The Garrett AT Pro metal detector is the versatile device, variety of adjustment and setting that can improve your search. AT Pro is the most popular metal detector in the market. We also review the best vacuums for pet hair if you like.

                          This device is built for the wide range of terrain, and also it can be utilized for the underwater metal purposes too and also known asper underwater metal detectors. I highly recommend this device for all the treasure hunter.

                          10)Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector

                          Winbest Pro Edition metal detector


                          Barska is well known for his metal detectors. The Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector is one of the best metal detectors from Barska. Winbest Pro Edition is the user-friendly metal detector and also Braska provides multiple modes of operations and adjustable sensitivity and also search field for different kinds of metals with auto ground balance and high sensitivity. This Winbest Pro Edition provides a large range of features that make your hunting experience more enjoyable.

                          The best thing about BRASKA that they provide excellent technical support for Winbest Pro. They provide complete help to the customers. You can contact the manufacturer if you face any problem and they will provide full services.


                          The Winbest Pro Edition metal detector has a lot of outstanding features. It comes with a very sleek and lightweight design. You can carry out this metal detector effortlessly. Easily move from one place to another place, it will not deplete your energy. It’s lightweight and also it has a very attractive design and due to attractive design, this product creates his own space in the market. You have the most beautiful asset if you invest on Winbest Pro Edition Metal Detector.

                          The headphone jack is also the attractive feature of this metal detector. If you live in a noisy environment or you use this metal detector in any noisy environment, you can easily concentrate on your work with the help of headphones feature. Typically, the metal detector produces beep whenever metal is detected and imagine how frustrating if you miss a piece of gold just because you did not hear the beep. And you never want to this is happened with you and that’s why Winbest Pro comes with the headphones jack.

                          The Winbest Pro Edition is operated with two operational modes. It provides the highest level of customization to the user to modify and meet their treasure hunting needs. The first mode is the metal mode that is used to target metals. This mode detects all metals in the ground. This mode is perfect for those people who learn how to metal detector use and how to detect metals. The Second mode is DESC Mode, this is ideal for detecting the particular type of metal.

                          Volume control is also the wonderful feature of Winbest Pro. Volume control enhances the efficiency of the speaker and headphones and it also helps you to adjust the volume.

                          As we know that Winbest Pro is the beat metal detector and if you invest on this metal finder then your investment is safe and it gives lot profit and joy in the detecting because it comes with the waterproof coil. Yes, Waterproof Coil you can use this metal detector under the shallow water. This is also the very attractive feature of this metal detector.

                          Cheap metal detector

                          Other Features

                          • Discrimination Modes, Detect all metals
                          • All metal mode searches for different types of metal
                          • Auto Ground Balance and high sensitivity
                          • Two operations Modes for custom detecting
                          • Adjustable sensitivity
                          • Adjustable Armrest
                          • Adjustable Stem from 15.5 to 25 inches
                          • Headphones jack
                          • Low battery detector
                          • Waterproof search coil
                          • Volume control
                          • 1 year limited warranty


                          The Winbest Pro is the very affordable machine, and if we compare this metal detector with other detectors then we feel Winbest is easier on the wallet. Once you learn about discrimination and setting, it does provide a great value. On the start this metal detector is difficult to learn about when you use regularly, you will enjoy a lot. This metal detector rated 7 out of 10 and it’s on 8th in the ranking of metal detectors. If you want to buy mid-priced metal detector then win best pro edition is my personal recommendation.

                            • Very simple to assemble
                            • It’s lightweight and easy to carry
                            • The Operation of metal detector is easy to understand
                            • BRASKA offers free technical support. You can contact them anytime if you have any question regarding the functionality of this water detector.
                              • Some customers complained about the durability of the metal detector.

                              .11) XP DEUS: Best Metal Detector

                              XP DEUS Best Metal Detector
                              XP DEUS

                              XP DEUS is a detector machine. it is specially designed for the seeker of metal who is curious for detecting precious things. the days have gone when an adventurer struggled hard in their adventures due to tough toil. drenched in sweet with the most lamb and important conclusions. it is the era of innovation and novelty where nothing is impossible in the world. XP DEUS is an amazing metal detecting machine that can be used at any type of soil and even in sandy seashore where you can find more treasure.

                              XP DUES is of expedient hand holding stick. the machine is so light and simple to use. you can detect hours without tiresome. the pre-set programs are a starting point for the beginners and they offer decent performances. it analyzes quickly and investigates directly by its digital circuit. all of the extra tools that are included in the metal detector kit are specifically designed for the treasure detecting job.


                              • Well controller
                              • All type of detector
                              • VLF Single frequency
                              • Depth indication
                              • 5 multi tones+ pitch + full tone
                              • LCD display
                              • Only weight 2 pounds
                              • Double D 11 inches coil that is waterproof
                              • DEUS can be updated to new features using PC
                              • Shaft has a modern foldable design
                              • Stem can also be folded for easy storing and transportable
                              • Headphones are efficient in any weather

                              Main Pros

                              DEUS make user’s experience more comfortable compared to other metal detectors. you need not carry a huge bag for the detective lab. .the foldable system is very comfortable for the treasure hunters. XP DEUS is a faithful assistant for whom who love such jobs. it is true as well. its headphone is functional in any weather and the most interesting thing is its charging via USB connection. what the main purpose of the headphone is its isolating noise system that isolates all noises all around you. it is the helping hand in the detected world.

                              Main Cons

                              It is natural that a man gets tired when he keep on trying the same work .they may get rid of the same system of XP DEUS and it may look very tough to update it. however,  it is possible to update all features of a metal detector with your computer as soon as the updates software are available on the official website. XP DEUS gives you indications for updating it it is up to you how soon you do away with the very system.


                              Wrapping up the debate I would not hesitate to say that XP DEUS is a fantastic and incredible detecting machine. it’s the only machine that you can take even in the toughest environment. what you have to do is the right decision. you will have to think about the right place you will hunt in and adjust yourself accordingly. it is proved to be a great comrade in searching metal and treasures. it will tell you all the secrets of the earth where it has hidden the treasures.

                              .12) Minelab Excalibur II: Top Metal Detector

                              Minelab Excalibur II
                              Minelab Excalibur II

                              The Minelab Excalibur II is of useful and valuable hand holding stick. It is lightweight, easy to hold, more convenient, waterproof to 3 meters (about ten feet), genuine multi-frequency operations,   particularly fast discovery speed, wireless and capability of headphone. The Minelab Excalibur II has the facility to work on several places even at every type of soil or sand or even in water. Comfort and convenience are the two specifications that everyone is guaranteed before using this metal detector. The most pleasant part of the metal detector is its earphone that included in the kit. Of course, this product will be a great option for expert treasure hunters and new biers. It is affordable and attractive to everyone.


                              • One year warranty
                              • Total weight: 5 lbs (2.31 kgs)
                              • Frequencies: 1.5 kHz – 25.5 kHz
                              • Fully sealed rechargeable battery
                              • Waterproof up to 200 feet (66m) of water
                              • Two operating modes tone ID of targets
                              • Sensitivity  control for optimum depth for all conditions
                              • New slimline coil for reducing weight and improved balance
                              • Excellent depth with accurate discrimination because of BBS

                              The Main Prose

                              Minelab Excalibur II is uniquely easy to use and multi-frequency technology with automatic ground rejection makes the new Excalibur II the idea machine to work in tough beach, land and underwater places. The Minelab Excalibur II series is fully submersible to depths of 200 feet, and it features a staggering 17 frequencies to find more and more coins, gold, relics, jewelry and many more. Minelab Excalibur II ignores most junk objects but still detect other metals such as gold and silver. Ideal for wading or diving. The revolutionary metal detector proves to be a hunter whose target would never miss. All of the extra tools that are included in the metal detector kit are specifically designed for the treasure detecting job.

                              The cons

                              Hunting at the beach is a successful operation but if you are the first explorer what you need to do is firstly start from a dry place. Get more and more treasures. As you progress and get better with your machine, the more targets you dig the more you get familiar. You will perceive that the threshold progresses. Threshold the humming sound may reach in normal mode firstly and properly at the main target. Water hunting may be more difficult but it is more rewarding too. This machine has a bit of learning curve but as you get more familiar with the machine you will get the hang of it.


                              If you are one of those who are fascinated by the very idea of treasure hunting or crazy to find metal and another precious thing from soil then what you really need is a faithful and truthful assistant The Minelab Excalibur II. Detecting through it will not make you tired even not your arms. Excalibur II is a unique broadband spectrum(BBS) technology, combined with superior ground rejecting technology makes the Excalibur II the ideal underwater detector machine. It allows you to use it as effectively in or out of the water.

                              .13) Fisher CZ-21: Personal Favorite 

                              Fisher CZ-21
                              Fisher CZ-21

                              The Fisher CZ-21  is well designed, an all-purpose metal detector that’s the nice choice for beginners and experts as well. The great thing in the Fisher CZ-21  is it’s been designed to offer a variety of features but in easy to use format. In addition, it is lightweight (6 pounds). As well as the more advanced set that goes out for extended metal detecting excursions.

                              Fisher CZ-21 is of expedient hand holding stick. The machine is so light and simple to use. Whether it would underwater or on the beach, the Fisher CZ-21 will handle all jobs. You can find a variety of items too including gold, relics, coins, jewelry and many more. You can detect hours without tiresome. The pre-set programs are a starting point for the beginners and they offer decent performances. It analyzes quickly and investigates directly by its digital circuit. All of the extra tools that are included in the metal detector kit are specifically designed for the treasure detecting job.


                              • Salt or fresh water
                              • Submersible up to 250 feet
                              • Dual frequency Fourier domain signal analyses
                              • Pushbutton, VCO no motion precise pinpointing
                              • Easy manual ground balance
                              • High-performance mineralized soil
                              • All-metal auto tune mode
                              • Large target alert/ faint target audio boost
                              • Visual and 3-tone audio target id
                              • Removable control housing for belt mount
                              • 8 and 10-inch options
                              • Adjustable
                              • 2 years warranty
                              • Waterproof detector

                              The Main Pros

                              The Fisher CZ-21 is the treasure hunting machine with 8 search coil plus. It is the target-ID machine that is leak proof to 250 feet under water. It is patented electronics make it deep-seeking while it ignores the destabilizing effects of salt water. The greatest feature and the purpose of the machine is its perfect target ID. A versatile treasure hunter who wants to hunt anywhere, underwater, on the beach, in the surf, on dry land and in all kinds of weather. Go anywhere, do anything with all-weather target ID machine for it is the only truthful assistant in finding treasures.

                              The Cons

                              You may get rid of the same system of Fisher CZ-21  and it may look you tough to update it. However, it is possible to update all features of a metal detector with your computer as soon as the updates software are available on the official website. It is not a time-consuming job but takes a little while when the need arises.


                              packaging up the description  I would not hesitate to say that Fisher CZ-21 is a far-fetched and incredible detecting engine. it’s the only machine that you can take even in the toughest environment. what you have to do is the right decision. you will have to think about the right place you will hunt in and adjust yourself accordingly. it is proved to be a great buddy in searching metal and treasures. it will unveil all secrets of earth and water where it has hidden the treasures.

                              .14) Tesoro Sand Shark: Top-Rated Metal Detector

                              Tesoro Sand Shark
                              Tesoro Sand Shark

                              Tesoro sand shark is a great pi (pulse induction ) machine. What does the mean of pulse induction is the depth the set at the factory. The Tesoro pulse width knob, allow you to go as deep 50% deeper and 50 % less deep than another pulse detector.   It is built for the purpose of metal searching. The way of searching is very easy. What you need to get the target is a rich place. As you reach the place the game of searching starts. The great thing of Tesoro sand shark is its quick observance.

                              The Tesoro sand shark metal detector has two distinct operating modes. VCO and normal. When working in VCO mode, as target gets closer to the coil, the threshold generates the louder, higher pitch tone for pinpointing. The normal mode works with a single tone and is used for beachcombing and other prolonged searches. You can also change normal mode audio frequency by simply use the “f”. Adjust knob to set the tone and you are ready to go. You can also update it through their official website.


                              • Pulse induction technology
                              • Life time warranty
                              • Two operating modes (vco & normal)
                              • Waterproof housing (200 feet)
                              • 8aa alkaline batteries (10 to 20 hours)
                              • 4 knobs (pulse, volume, mode, threshold)
                              • Interchangeable  coil
                              • Well controller
                              • All type detector
                              • Hard- wired headphones
                              • Operating all mater
                              • No vibration
                              • Stereo piezo   headphone

                              The main pros

                              Tesoro sand shark is designed to offer a variety of features including easy use format. This makes the sand shark an excellent option for beginner and advanced users alike. Tesoro literally means “treasure” in spanish. Each of the detectors made by tesoro including sand shark, helps the explorer in searching treasures. The hunters may dived in the deep water or hunt on shores. As the main purpose of the tesoro sand shark is successful hunting and what the need of the main target is select the right environment. It is all up to you where you think is the richest place. You can find variety of items too including gold, relics, coins, jewelry and many more. Choose from two search coil size, which are the standard 8 and the larger 10.5 coil to go deeper and cover more ground.

                              The cons

                              Hunting at the beach is a successful operation but if you are the first explorer what you need to do is firstly start from a dry place. Get more and more treasures. As you progress and get better with your machine, the more targets you dig the more and get familiar. You will perceive that the threshold progresses. Threshold the humming sound may reach in normal mode firstly and properly at the main target. Water hunting may be more difficult but it is more rewarding too. The machine has two modes similar to other Tesoro models. This machine has a bit of learning curve but as you get more familiar with the machine you will get the hang of it.


                              In our top 9 metal detectors list, it’s all under $1000.

                              Fisher F4, Fisher Gold Bug, and Minelab metal detectors have newest metal detectors and it’s reviews posted soon.

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